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Our Mission is The salvage of audiophile Treasures!


FrohMusik distribution is founded in 2008 as a consequent decision contributes to the time long lasting fascination to Hifi equipments, which own extraordinary quality of musical sound.

We have always been fascinated by those HiFi equipments, especially classics, which combine values, like tradition, the highst art of craftsmanship, longevity, never out of fashion, additonaly, revolutioary technical alterations and extraordinary musical quality. That drove me to find out classics - undiscovered classics.

Actually, it seems next to impossible to make such a discovery, because nowadays internet offers us all possible information. But still I have found companies, which for decades within professional circles do enjoy outstanding reputation. These companies neither appear in the first page of search engine, nor appear with full-page ads in a well known hifi magazines. Because, first and foremost, the passionate developer and workmates in these companies try to perfect their products and therefore often have a limited marketing power.

For this reason we are proud to introduce Green Mountain Audio and LFD Audio, from which you can expect something special.

your FrohMusik team

RIO: die kleine EOS

EOS: verstellbarer Hochtöner

Calypso Super Test in 6MOONS