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Green Mountain Audio


Should loudspeakers look “like this”?

“For acoustic reasons - Yes" would Roy Johnson answer it!


Roy Johnson is a physicist. He founded Green Mountain Audio ,abbr. GMA. in 1988 in Colorado Springs/USA. His loudspeakers make a great impression by a unique combination of technical solutions and attributes. The most important facts are:

  • Time-coherent music reproduction across the full audio band
  • Midrange and tweeter adjust from front to rear independently and together as one unit to assure time-coherence that is independent form the position of speaker and/or listener. For these adjusments an easy to use tool is enclosed. It is fun to use and garantees succes .
  • A minimalistic crossover guarantees:
    • a 6 db roll-off for phase-coherent music reproduction
    • that your amp sees the speaker as a simple resistance load
    • straight-lined, frequency independent impedance
  • The form of the enclosure is mathematical computed in order to:
    • get an ideal radiation pattern
    • simultaneously minimal refraction and ideal reflection
    • additional minimal speaker interaction with each other
  • Q-StoneTM suppresses enclosure resonances. This results in a low Q-factor 
  • GMA speakers love to be played loud. The tonale balance would not be changed even it is played extremly loud.
  • Made in USA
  • Handmade, piece for piece
  • Lifetime warranty (in Germany restricted by law to 30 years)

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