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Charter to Product Commitment and Traditional Values

All audio system designs originate in the United Kingdom (UK) and are produced within the company, there is no sub-contracting of complete product to overseas companies or re-badging of equipment totally manufactures outside the UK. As such all products have a distinctive quality and design character often using original concepts that reflect the team’s many years of experience in the field of audio research and design.

All product manufacture is undertaken within the UK and includes the preparation of circuit boards, casework and product assembly. Often this process involves considerable hand craftsmanship performed within the UK to achieve the final quality of finish.

LFD aspires to producing the finest sounding audio systems that reflects the highest standards of the British audio tradition. Products incorporate a synthesis of high-quality electronic design, extensive subjective optimization and quality hand finishing. We aim to produce long lasting audio equipment that will satisfy the human sensitivities of sound quality, visual and aesthetic appeal and of touch.

Electronic components are sourced internationally and such effort is directed to discovering the best parts and sub-assemblies for product designs that conservatively match electronic performance requirements and where appropriate, subjective appraisal. This philosophy is applied to all aspects of a system including cabling, passive components, active devices and where appropriate, precision mechanics.

LFD believe that the goal of audio engineering is to achieve the highest standards of sound quality. The company openly admits and adheres to a programme of subjective optimization and recognises the importance of evaluation as the final performance arbiter. However, we equally believe in engineering excellence and in achieving the highest standards of objective performance commensurate with system philosophy that is biased towards the minimalist school in terms of signal processing.

The company supports the highest aspirations in performance of analogue audio equipment and is a strong advocate of analogue reproduction via vinyl.

LFD has a total commitment to digital audio where we attempt an holistic philosophy that unites analogue and digital systems in order to extract the highest performance from this medium. We encourage and support only developments in digital audio that genuinely advances sound quality.

Dr Richard Bews                    Professor Malcolm Omar Hawksford
Managing Director                  Technical Director


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