Phono LE: Testbericht

LE MK IV : Testbericht

NCSE : Testbericht


All linestages in this series are dedicated line level amplifiers offering comprehensive input switching and tape recording. A very low output impedance endows each amplifier with the ability to drive relatively long or highly capacitive cables with ease and removes the bandwidth limitations in some passive preamplifiers. Another advantage of the zero feedback circuit topology adopted for the LS2(silver signature), LS3 and LSB, is the significant reduction of transient distortions and dynamic overload. Although the linestages share similar topologies, the ascending cost of each product allows improvements in the power supply and the utilisation of superior passive components. The LSB is a special version of the LS2, with one balanced and 4 unbalanced inputs, and an unbalanced/balanced output.


Special Features
Dual mono construction
Zero overall feedback
Star earthing
Custom LC-OFC and PC-OCC wiring; LS2(silver signature) silver wiring
Regulated and RC smoothed power supply


Following linestages are offered by LFD  

  • Linestage LS2(silver signature)
  • Linestage LS3
  • Linestage LSB - balanced

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