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The PA2M(SE) and PA3(DB) are MOSFET power amplifiers designed to drive the majority of loudspeakers presently available.
All combine a high input sensitivity to allow the use of passive preamplifiers if required. Although they share similar circuit topologies, the more expensive models have superior power supplies and use custom made passive components and wiring.
The PA2M is a mono version of the former PA2 and utilises separate power supplies for each channel and a larger output stage for even better sound quality. This amplifier is available in either a single chassis to match the LS2 or in two separate enclosures. A balanced input version of the PA2 and PA2M can be supplied to match the LSB or any other balanced linestage.


Special Features
DC coupling from input to output
Custom PC-OCC and LC-OFC wiring
Star earthing
Split input and output power supplies
MOSFET output stage


Following power are offered by LFD  

  • Powerstage PA2M(SE)
  • Powerstage PA3(DB) - optional balanced


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