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About EOS HD:

"...if you’re here, who’s playing the guitar in the family room?..."

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how things are developing with further break-in. The sound is glorious! I think two brief anecdotes best describe how things are coming together.

"The first of these took place on New Year’s day when we had some friends over for lunch. Once everyone was seated in our dining room (from which you cannot see the stereo system in the family room), I went to the system and popped in a CD of Segovia playing Bach. After a few seconds of enjoying the unbelievably realistic sound, I returned to the table. One of the guests looked alarmed when I returned and asked, "if you’re here, who’s playing the guitar in the family room?"!!! The guests were so flabbergasted that the sound was coming from the stereo, they all got up from the table to go to the family room and verify that I was, in fact, telling the truth. They all agreed they had never heard sound reproduced that accurately before.

"The second informative incident involves one of our dogs, who has extremely sensitive ears. With my prior speakers, I would always try to fool him by playing Pink Floyd Dogs to see if he would think a dog was actually barking. He wasn’t convinced and showed no interest whatsoever. Likewise, he was never convinced by recordings of human voices. This particular dog gets very excited if he hears people speaking in our house and does not recognize their voice, because he presumes this means we have company that he needs to meet and greet.

"The other day, I was listening to a Chris Botti CD and the dog was asleep in our office. On track 2, as Andrea Bocelli began singing, our dog came charging at full speed out of the office and rushed into the family room trying to identify the "visitor." He ran in circles barking frantically and looking at me sitting in my listening chair chuckling, unsure why he couldn’t find the "guest."

"He then moved very slowly towards one of the speakers and sat down in front of it, cocking his head to one side and looking alternately at me and at the speaker quizzically as if trying to understand how a person could fit inside the speaker. The same thing occurred when my wife was listening to a meditation CD with spoken voices. The dog got very upset at her that someone was in the house speaking and my wife was not looking for the "visitor."

"I think these two instances sum up the realism that these unbelievable speakers produce in our home. Thank you so much for such a wonderful piece of engineering that allows such accurate reproduction of sound."

--C.P., Nevada, USA

follow up email: "Attached are 2 photos, one of each of our dogs (Aang, top; Zuko, bottom) listening intently to the Eos HD’s as they reproduce an audio track of the human voice. It’s a track of a man talking providing instructions for checking whether the speakers are in phase. Just after snapping the photo of Zuko, he inserted his snout into one of the ports and began frantically sniffing, I guess trying to find the source of the voice. These speakers are really amazing and just seem to keep getting better and better. Thank you so much!"

--Best regards, C.P., a GMA customer for life!

"...they already run circles around our prior speakers no matter what I’ve thrown at them..."

The following was sent to our Retailer in San Francisco, Silent Lucidity: "Thanks so much for the call on Friday to check on the safe arrival of my Eos HDs. I had them unpacked and set up within about 15 minutes of speaking with you and wasn’t sure what to expect after hearing both your and Roy’s advice about needing a lot of break-in time to sound their best.

"All I can say is, WOW! I can’t imagine what they’ll sound like after break-in, because I’ve never heard anything like them. I can hear instruments I’ve never heard before, even when I listened through really good headphones. The sound of the Bach cello suites was so beautiful, it was very close to tear-provoking. I guess we’ll get to re-discover our entire CD collection over the next few months.

"Amazingly, the Eos HDs are sounding even better as they go; each hour they sound better than the last. It’s like a dream-come-true. They’re so small compared to our previous 225lb. monsters, yet the sound they produce is so much bigger, fuller, and richer. The sound is just gorgeous.

"Thank you so much for all your help, for your fantastic service, and for allowing us to listen to all our CDs when we came down to San Francisco. It was a very good decision to get the HD’s, and I’m sure they will provide a lifetime of joy and satisfaction. I’ll keep you posted as they break-in further, but they already run circles around our prior speakers no matter what I’ve thrown at them; even large loud orchestral music was glorious right out of the box!

"Thanks so much again, and I think your analogy was right on the money when you said I sounded like a kid at Christmas; it’s just how I feel!"

--C.P., Nevada, USA


About EOS HD:

"...the ass indentations in my couch are growing to epic proportions..."

"I'm just writing to say holy s**t sir. The EOS HDs are just sounding so good that that the ass indentations in my couch are growing to epic proportions. That in itself does not come as a great surprise to anyone who knows me. The really interesting part is what has brought out the current level of splenditude from your marvelous speakers.

"A while back I had become curious about all of the buzz surrounding the Eico HF-81 integrated amps, a kit design from the late 50s/early 60s. These are commonly available fully restored, for well under $1,000. I figure that mine is just old enough to have it's own AARP card, but you'd never know it. The sound is just so lively and musical.

"As a psychiatrist, doing much work in substance abuse, I am well aware that most individuals spend their entire addicted career vainly trying to chase their first highs. The same can be said of us audiophiles. I've had a dizzying array of components in and out of my system, but despite the quality leaps, little has recaptured the enjoyment that I got with the Proton receiver and Spica TC-50s that I had in my first apartment, so many years ago.

"Today, I am enjoying such a natural presentation, with such out of the box imaging, ease and musicality, that I feel transported to those earliest days. Back then listening to the music was what mattered; not picking out individual instruments or sitting in awe of audiophile "tricks," but just appreciating the organic wholeness of the experience.

"Since you've been so kind and generous with your time, and since what you do is clearly a labor of love for you, I figured that you might appreciate a latest update from a user in the field. If you ever get a chance to lay your hands on an HF-81, you might want to give it a try. You might be tickled."

--G.R., Michigan, USA


About EOS HD:

" life-like and with such exact timing...heard only at live performances..."

"Unpacked speakers today, plugged them in and the very first impression from Jacintha's "California Dreaming" (...Goes To Hollywood, Groove Note) was very familiar in a good way -- reminded me of the JM Lab Micro Utopia Be's BUT without the excessive sibilance and tearing of high notes caused by Utopia's tweeter. I remember them so well because I was about to purchase a pair of Micro Utopias last year but was turned off by their beryllium tweeter incompatibility with my ears. The best part for me today was to experience music flowing from speakers without any effort and vocals appearing very transparent as if the singer was in the same room. I also noticed that Eos HD is able to do this even at very moderate volume levels.

"Actually what amazed me was the reproduction of the acoustic guitar, played by Eric Clapton (Tears in Heaven) and by Sting (Fragile) -- so life-like and with such exact timing that I have heard only at live performances. Also the fact that I was now able to listen to four albums in a row without noticing any fatigue to my ears, is a very welcome new feature for me. The conclusion is that I can finally let my trusty B&W 805 Matrix's completely retire and start enjoying the Eos HD. I would like to thank you again for designing the really spectacular pair of unique speakers and for excellent customer service!"

--P.O., Tallinn, Estonia


" seems that in every listening session I discover something new..."

"This weekend I got more experience with the speakers and Audio Magic IC (interconnects). I am very happy with the speakers, it seems that in every listening session I discover something new in the music from my old CD collection, even with CDs that I thought had bad mastering -- not so sure about that anymore."

--P.O., Tallinn, Estonia

About EOS HD:

"When the end of the album came I just started again and again."

"Hello Roy, So, how does the system sound? Just spent more than an hour listing to Mark Knopfler's Kill to be Crimson. And guess what! I turned up the sound loud!! Oh my goodness, I think I was in Mark's mind! By the time I got to the track, The Fish and the Bird, I thought things could not get better. I just bobbed up an down on an ocean that might as well been real. When the end of the album came I just started again and again. Worth every bit of the journey, Roy."

--S.P., Brisbane, Australia


About EOS HD:


"There's so much good about these's hard to find fault..."

"I heard the Eos HD on the 15th and ordered a pair on the 17th. I have been looking for a new bookshelf speaker for a while now now. Heard plenty including Usher, JMLabs, Wilson (too expensive), ProAcs, Coincident, Thiel, AE, Harbeth, Dyn, Tannoys (full size), list goes on...I liked the Reynaud Offrande at RMAF...also the Tannoys and Audio Notes with WE300b...very nice.

"The pair I heard had just been polished and Roy was setting them up for me. Besides testing, I'm pretty sure I heard the first music on them. (He used an) Edge amp, Birdland DAC, and some low-end transport. There's so much good about these's hard to find fault (I quickly dropped my sound analysis (about 4 or 5 songs in) and dumped my usual evaluation and just sat back and took it in).

"It's also hard to describe what I heard since it is so different than what I've been hearing...I will say I heard some traits common in single drivers like Audio Notes or Tannoys but just some. If you've heard GMAs before then probably already know about lack of grain, the imaging, sound stage, dynamics, smoothness, speed, etc....besides those, bass authority (this bass also goes pretty low), clear perfect highs, without fatigue were what really stand out to me...

"Speakers I've been hearing have been frying my ears after a while even though they have the nice high-fidelity. Neil Young's "Down by the River" chorus is one test I have for compression when all voices join in. Typically things get messy on most of what I've heard. On my speakers, I usually turn the volume down a bit and get by it. Not here...opened up above the speakers and distinct voices with space. Very nice.

"The Who "Real Me" is my bad recording (also compressed test). Most speakers I hear in an attempt to image Moon's drums typically get different parts in each speaker. Not here again, everything behind the speakers, a bit to the left but again, space indicating placement of each drum. This song also plays with Daltrey's voice. Sometimes recessed and sometimes forward. I didn't notice any large variation like I typically do. Also, I've heard the bass guitar in this (which is the greatest bass rift ever, IMHO) vary from bookshelf to bookshelf. Sometimes the drums stand out, sometimes the bass.

"On the Eos HD, it's the bass which is typically how I hear it on floor standers. One other note, I was enjoying this quite a bit then Roy came in and said, "This song needs to be played loud" and cranked it. I mean cranked! I've had dealers give me the "be careful look" before...not Roy, up it went and it was fantastic."




Dear Wolfgang,
Thank you for bringing my designs to Germany. We all wish you many happy listeners!
In the loudspeaker designs currently very popular across Europe, I see a very uniform focus on displaying the highest technology, in cabinets of meticulous craftsmanship with perfect finish. Any owner would be proud to display and play these products, thus these elements are very strong for marketing,
As you already know, I decided many years ago to constantly improve upon what we hear from the loudspeaker, because of the importance of what we can experience from sound.
I saw no choice but to follow several different avenues of research, always pursuing what was absolutely best for the sound. The outcomes explain why my designs do not appear conventional, and why I am confident anyone will hear sound that is far more than conventional!
May the music always be with you,
Roy Johnson
Chief of Design

About Calypso HD:  "Without a doubt, the lowest distortion, most coherent three-way speaker I've ever heard. If you're looking for a serious, high-performance speaker capable of effortlessly reproducing even the most demanding music, this is it. To say the least, I'm a very satisfied GMA customer and without hesitation would recommend the Calypso to even the most discerning ears. Bravo, Roy!" D.B., USA

About Calypso HD:  "The speakers are beautiful!!!! The sound is beautiful!!! My room is great!!! Thanks for all of your help.  The overall music sound quality is excellent!" C.D., USA

About Calypso HD:  "Your speakers beat Avalon Opus Ceramiqe speakers which I sold. I use the new Wadia 581SE CD player, KST-150 stereo monoblocks, and Virtual Dynamics cables. The sound is much better than what I heard in Las Vegas at the 2008 CES. You indeed create very good speakers. To hear is to believe." M.T., USA


About Calypso HD:  "I was struck speechless! I am impressed with the build quality, packaging, and materials that accompany the speakers - all world class. Sonically they are making beautiful music. The sound stage is wonderful ...they sound amazing out of the box." M.N., USA

About Calypso HD:  "My appreciation of the Calypsos continues to grow each day. I've realized and eliminated some bottlenecks that have allowed them to really shine (better cables, AudioMagic Clairvoyant 4D and power conditioner, Shunyata Hydra 4).  Both have made noticeable continually amazed at the level of detail I hear." D.H., Canada

About Calypso HD:  "Roy Johnson has designed a speaker that is truly world-class in every facet of its performance. To say that this speaker can image with the best of them is an understatement -- 3-D halographic layering and imaging is standard with the Calypso.
It's the subtle shadings of the recording venues that the Calypso so readily reveals, giving a real feel for each. To say that they can play at realistic levels is just one aspect of musical reproduction. To hear an orchestra playing full tilt and hear every stroke off a kettle drum (it actually gives off real whacks, as well as the roundness in size of a real drum) is a real treat.
This is the first speaker with which I no longer worry about throttling down through difficult passages and actually relish hearing what a truly dynamic speaker is capable of reproducing. I am always amazed at the sound of the soundstage that the Calypso is able to throw -- a true time- domain-correct speaker that uses minimal crossover parts is truly notable.
I no longer care about "speaker of the month" from other manufacturers and am very happy with every aspect of the Calypso's performance. Green Mountain Audio has produced a speaker that allows for magical moments for both myself and my friends as well. If you want to hear music in a totally new light, see Green Mountain Audio. Kudos, Mr. Johnson! D.H., Canada

About Calypso HD:  "I've been into audio for 30 years.  Have owned most of the big name stuff (and plenty of no name).  Have also done some DIY.  Played in a musical group for several years and attend concerts I think I know what music sounds like.  In speakers, I most value neutrality, dynamics (macro and micro), full frequency response, and the infamous "musicality."  Imaging and sound staging are important, but not vital. Regarding the Calypsos, I'm enjoying them immensely! What I hear that I like:

Resolution - they are highly resolving.  Musical details are all there; intelligibility on vocals is amazing.  They sound very "fast" - not unlike the magnepans in this regard.  It's easy to hear into the mix.  They also seem to be quite revealing of front end electronics/cables. The amount of information these speakers reveal is truly remarkable.

Dynamics - they have excellent jump factor.  They sound unstrained at all levels.  I'm using a 50-watt hybrid integrated amp and have pushed them as loud as I can stand and do not hear any distortion.  Both the amp and speakers seem to have plenty left, even in such a large space!  Subtle loud/softs in the musical flow are fully evident.  There seems to be practically no compression.  Such high efficiency with first order crossovers is impressive.

Top to bottom coherence - I can't detect the individual drivers and they seem to present a very cohesive and fully integrated sound field.  I thought with the tweeter being positioned so high that there might be some discontinuity, but there isn't.  All frequencies seem fully present - sitting and standing.  Sweet spot is plenty wide and "other room" listening is enjoyable.

Cleanliness -  (don't know if this is an audio term), this may be related to resolution, but it seems as if some level of noise and/or distortion has been completely obliterated.  Backgrounds are black, there is dead silence from the speakers when no signal is present.  Things just seem exceptionally clean and clear, great purity in the signal. I'm having trouble reading or focusing on other things when they're playing.  The music is demanding attention (a good thing). I'm very impressed so far." J.C., USA

About EOS HDEven after my system had evolved to include high performing...


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